Shelving Accessories

Shelving Accessories

Unique and Affordable Shelving Accessories 

Olympic shelving co. offers a wide variety of heavy-duty shelving accessories to create an organized storage system for any environment. The label holder is explicitly designed to snap on Olympic shelves and come in packs of eight. Label holders help make it easier to find a specific product and save staff time searching through racks. 

If you experience an issue with keeping supplies or products, separate shelving dividers may be right for you Shelf dividers also keep contents in their place and maintain a neat and organized storage space. Shelf dividers and label holders are ideal for keeping shelves organized and appealing to the eye. 

Split sleeves are used to easily build shelves. Split sleeves attach directly to posts to hold up shelves without tools or an intense amount of building time.  

S-hooks are perfect for saving space by eliminating the need for adjacent posts. The s hook attaches to the units with posts to create a stable shelving unit with more accessible corners for additional storage. 

Handles create carts out of any shelving unit that has been equipped with casters. 

Shelf ledges are perfect for ensuring that essential itemsare secure.Ledges keep materials in place and block them from falling off of the shelving unit. 

When looking for reliable and affordable shelving accessories that can be easily installed, look no further than Olympic. 

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